The campsite will be open from 29 April to 23 September 2023. Opening of reservations on October 15, 2022

Indoor pool, heated pools, our campsite in the Dordogne spoils you !

Three pools just for you in our campsite in the Dordogne: indoor pool, heated pool or paddling pool. You will be spoiled for choice according to your desires and the weather.

The three pools are located on the lakeside with which they constitute a unique relaxation area. From your sun lounger installed on the wooden beaches of the pools, or on the shores of the lake, you can bask in the sun, take a nap in the shade in peace or monitor if the fishing is good!

Les piscines du camping

The indoor pool

The indoor swimming pool (10mx6m) is made for the whole family in any season from the opening to the closing of the campsite. In the spring or fall, it will allow the most sensitive to cold to enjoy the pleasures of swimming and the most stressed a moment of relaxation on the massage bench. It is not only covered but also heated with a guaranteed water temperature of 28 °, a good reason not to forget your swimming suit !

In addition, no need to change before going, a closed and heated sanitary is just at the entrance. It is equipped with lockers to put your stuff safely and dry. Just think of taking a coin of a euro or a shopping cart token!

Finally, in the summer the indoor swimming pool of the campsite will be the favorite playground of your children.

Piscine couverte du camping

The heated outdoor pool

Our outdoor pool (15mx8m) is open and heated from mid-May to mid-September depending on weather conditions.

The most athletic can go for lengths and participate in aqua gym class in high season.

And if you have decided to relax and unwind during your vacation, you can simply enjoy in the water in the sun.

La piscine extérieure chauffée

The children’s pool

The children’s pool is open from mid-May to mid-September, it is naturally heated by the sun thanks to its low water volume!

You will understand that this pool is reserved for the little ones.

Set up as a playground with a magic and playful mushroom set in its center, it will become the essential meeting place for your little ones!

la pataugeoire du camping

The rules around swimming pools

Attention, we are sorry to teach you but all buoys type crocodiles, dolphins, frogs, inflatable mattresses are not accepted in the basins. It’s not because we do not like animals but it’s just to give you room to enjoy, swim, relax. By cons, all these companions are welcome in the lake next.

Gentlemen, for reasons of hygiene, swim shorts and bermudas are not allowed, so take out your bathing briefs, in the pools it’s trendy!

And of course you will find at the entrance of the swimming pools the other rules that we thank you for respecting. We know that on vacation we tend to forget them! That’s why we made you small reminders on the spot.