The campsite will be open from 29 April to 23 September 2023. Opening of reservations on October 15, 2022

Camping nature in Dordogne Périgord

Responsible tourism means holidays that combine pleasure and respect for the planet and its inhabitants, a vision that we share here in the Périgord, at Les Valades campsite.

Sustainable development is a reality here so that your stay is a moment of natural well-being, and that the cohabitation between nature and man is a success.

Eco-tourism in the Dordogne : a campsite on a human scale and a preserved natural environment

On the site, the facilities have always been designed to fit in with the natural environment. The result is a corner of paradise nestled in a green setting.

The majority of the pitches are over 100m² and are always planted with trees and/or shaded. Each pitch is unique and delimited by groves, shrubs and bushes, preserving the natural features of the site

Without colonising the natural garden with urban plant species, the space is extended by observing and appropriating the ecosystem and local flora: a real nature campsite in Périgord!

Nearby: numerous GR and hiking trails, ideal for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.


Our commitment to the environment

Everything is done to respect nature and to minimize the environmental impact of our activities :

Tri et recyclageDifferent types of bins allow you to sort your waste: glass containers, yellow bins for paper and plastic/metal packaging and brown bins for the rest.
Yellow bin bags for recyclables are available at the reception.

ampoule economie d'énergieThe communal buildings and the accommodation are gradually being fitted with energy-saving light bulbs

produits bio-dégradablesThe use of eco-labelled household products is favoured for the maintenance and cleaning of the sanitary facilities, rental accommodation and other areas of the campsite, as well as white vinegar for descaling.

désherbage manuelThe use of weed killers is limited by hand weeding small areas

produit frais locauxThe fresh products (meat, vegetables, eggs) on the restaurant menu come from local producers

pêche en no killNo-kill fishing is de rigueur in the pond: the fish must be returned to the water in order to preserve the ecosystem of the pond.

sacs crottes chiensBags for dog waste are distributed at the reception desk

électricitéThe campsite staff use electric carts

formationStaff members are made aware of environmental management practices

satisfaction clientèleCustomer satisfaction is measured, and corrective action is taken if necessary.

Idée conseil

Tips for a sustainable and nature-friendly stay in the Dordogne

A few simple gestures will allow you to contribute to our quality approach.

Inside the campsite :

  • Turn off the light when leaving a room
  • Save water from taps, limit your consumption
  • Accompany children when they use the sanitary facilities
  • Do not use the electric heaters in the rentals during the summer period
  • Prefer to walk rather than drive within the campsite itself
  • Eat local and seasonal products with local producers (shops in Coux, Le Bugue and Siorac)
  • Respect the fauna and flora and sort your waste
  • Respect the silence of nature. Speak in a low voice, so as not to frighten the animals and not to disturb your neighbours
  • When swimming, use a sun lotion rather than an oil that will not dissolve in the water
  • When camping in a motorhome, remember to empty toilets and fuel tanks in the places provided for this purpose at the toilet blocks

Outside the campsite :

  • Think of walking or cycling for your trips
  • Respect the fauna and flora: follow the signs on the footpaths to avoid trampling the flora, and avoid picking plants and flowers, some of which are on the verge of extinction. Smokers, please bring a pocket ashtray!
  • Do not attract animals with food, as this changes their diet and can even be fatal, and observe them from a distance
  • Invest in solar lamps and chargers. Alternatively, use rechargeable batteries
  • Use reusable equipment rather than disposable ones. For example, carry a water bottle, rather than buying a new plastic one
  • In the car, limit the use of air conditioning in hot weather, which consumes a lot of energy and contributes to global warming. Also, use smaller roads rather than motorways, you will drive slower, consume less and save on tolls

Finally, in general, if you like to go far away, it is better to go less often but longer… In this respect, do not hesitate to consult our special offers for long stays.

The ecological approach of our campsite in the Périgord Noir: to allow campers to get closer to nature, by allowing everyone to find the comfort they are used to.